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Car and Truck Auctions

cars going up for auction


Keep your money in the bank!
Spend a little for a GOOD used car or truck.

Dealers buy and sell here... so take the hint! You can buy and sell here!

Danny's Auction accepts cash and plastic!

The ONLY auction where anyone can buy vehicles at auction with no dealers license!!



Auction Rules for Cars and Trucks


  • RED LIGHTS — All vehicles sold under a red light are sold as is, as shown, even if it is a new car. NO RECOURSE.

    * It must be stated by the seller if the frame is damaged if if there is frame rust, in which case, the vehicle is to be sold for parts only.

  • GREEN LIGHTS — All vehicles sold under a green light are sold under the conditions that the motor, transmission, and rear end are road worthy. These sales can be arbitrated up to one hour after the sale of the vehicle if over $200 in repairs are needed. Options are as described:

    1. Kick Back the Vehicle
    2. Adjust the Price with the Seller
    3. The Arbitrator's Findings are Final.

    * Any and all fees levied by the auction are nonrefundable.

  • BLUE LIGHTS — Listen to the Auctioneer for further information. Example: diesel, no title, etc.



  • A seller must state whether a vehicle has a title or not. No matter what year.
  • A seller has until 5:00 p.m. to bring in a title on the second banking day.
  • Prepays — First come, first served, unless prepaid (cash upfront).
  • Checks are accepted, only if accepted by the seller.
  • All yard sales must go through our office or you will be barred from the auction.
  • All cars left over 30 days will be assumed as junk and will be disposed of by Danny's Auction.
  • For all vehicles left on the property, the keys must be left in our office.
  • All vehicles must be in line by 6:30 p.m. on the day of the sale.
  • All titles are required. Titles must be brought in within 2 business days of the sale. No checks will be issued until then.


  • Any and all cars sold with a deposit will be a minimum of $100.
  • The buyer has until the second banking day to pay the balance of the sale or forfeit any and all deposit of that sale.
  • ALL SALES will be signed and paid for at the time of the sale. If not, you will be barred from buying vehicles here.
  • All yard sales are sold AS IS. Red light.


  • No fees will be returned for any reason.
  • Payment: The only auction where checks are not accepted is the Auto Auction -- Cash or Credit Card only.


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